Call for volunteers: WSF Tunis – March 26-30

The World Social Forum will take place in Tunis from 26-30 March 2013. The Forum will be an historic opportunity for alter globalists from all around the world to support the revolutionary process that was born in Tunisia and uplifted the rest of the world, but has failed to bear fruit for the Tunisians who gave birth to it.
It is with great joy that the volunteer interpreter network Babels will ensure interpretation at the WSF Tunis 2013. Do you want to help?  There is nothing easier! 
If you are in Tunisia, if you are either a professional interpreter or you have mastered at least two languages, please fill out this form ! Training will be given to beginners’ right before the start of the Forum. The budget is limited, so if you are not in Tunis or the region, you must be a professional and experienced interpreter. Our main languages of interpretation are, in order of priority: Arabic / French / English / Spanish! But any other languages will be useful because all living languages have their struggles!
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